Lawn Care & Irrigation

Weekly mowing, have you ever dreamt of having a beautifully manicured lawn to help accent the aesthetics of your home? If so, let us help you take over the monotonous task of lawn care maintainance with our weekly lawn care service. We will deal with the weeds, discolored grass, and all the damages caused by the treacherous winter season. Watch your lawn transform into beautiful landscaping that you have always desired. Our lawn care services include the following:

Lawn Shrub & Tree Maintenance
Pruning trees actually serves a purpose, other than to look pretty and visually appealing. The natural form of a plant is the best way to encourage healthy growth. When pruning trees or shrubs, our goal is to alter the plants natural form without making it actually look like it’s been overly groomed. We prune to:

  • Control Plant Size
  • Maintain Proportion
  • Remove Undesirable Structures

Pruning helps to promote the health of your plants! We prune by cutting dead or dying branches affected by disease, insect infestation, animals, and/or storms. It’s important to remove branches and stubs that rub together to prevent further damage. With the pruning that takes place; we are careful to avoid topping the tree in hopes of maintaining the natural shape of the plant itself.

Last, but not least, pruning is important to help assure the safety of your home and it’s surroundings. Due to the unpredictable weather in Minnesota, we are well aware of the fact that storms and tornado’s can cause a tremendous amount of damage. We are careful to eliminate branches that interfere with streetlights, traffic signals, overhead power lines, and more. Ensure the safety of your family by allowing us to help you!

Lawn Aerating and Detatching
Thatch is a layer of living and dead tissue between the green vegetation and the soil surface. It consists of leaves, roots, and stems, which are resistant to decay. Problems arise when too much thatch exists, causing the lawn to be more susceptible to disease and drought.

Luckily for you and many of our clients, there is a solution to this issue. At Blue Diamond Enterprises, rather than providing an immediate fix for your problem, we will actually look into the underlying issues and determine the contributing factors. In doing so, we will make some changes creating a long-term lawn care solution.

Lawn Hydroseeding
Hydroseeding is targeted for commercial sites, such as golf courses, sporting fields, or other large areas that are oftentimes not suitable for cost-effective conventional methods used on residential lawns. Hydroseeding is a planting process, which includes a mixture of seed, slurry, and mulch. The mulch helps to maintain the moisture level of the seeds and the slurry typically consists of other ingredients like fertilizer, tackifying agents, green dye, and other additives.

Lawn Spring & Fall Cleanup
One of the downfalls in the change of seasons is the non-stop cleanup. Every weekend in your spring is consumed with cleanup from the winter damages and your attempt to revive your grass again. Unfortunately, you don’t get a break after all that hard work. Once the fall-time arrives, you spend every weekend preparing your lawn for the treacherous winter. Back breaking tasks of raking leaves and bagging…it never ends! Let Blue Diamond free up your weekend agenda for the more important things in life.

  Lawn Care and Irrigation

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