Landscape Retaining Walls
Retaining walls main purpose is to divert soil and/or water pressure by creating a barrier. With our quality work, retaining walls will help maintain moisture in the areas that are needed (i.e. your lawn and garden) and avoid unwanted flooding areas on lower planes. We design and construct functional walls that not only resist soil/water pressure, but also, serve as a visually appealing look that compliments your home and landscape. 

Landscape Boulder Shore Lines
Shoreline rock and block retaining walls in Minneapolis or Bloomington are built to last, the rocks and blocks are put in to place and they have a fabric matting and smaller rocks to form a drain for the wall. The wall also has a drain tile that runs the base of the wall if needed. This makes a strong and long lasting wall to appreciate for a lifetime.

Landscape Paver Patios
A patio constructed of patio pavers is capable of creating a distinctive look to your home. Blue Diamond Enterprises takes time to create a paver patio to your satisfaction, assuring that that your brick paver patio will last. There are many benefits to patio pavers such as durability, low maintenance, flexibility and it’s aesthetically pleasing. There are many alternatives to plain concrete patio pavers such as:

  • Concrete
  • Brick and/or Natural Stone

Patio pavers typically have a non-slip exterior, are comfortable to walk on. They are recognized by an established appearance, and it can be designed in a variety of patterns, shapes and colors.

Landscape Rock or Mulch
Rock or Mulch is a layer of mulch, crushed rock, pea gravel, or small stones that is spread over an area in landscape. The rock or mulch layer acts to control weeds while creating an aesthetically pleasing visual layer. Mulch layers are also functional for controlling moisture retention and temperature in the soil around plants, shrubs, and landscape trees. Mulch helps aerate the soil by reducing soil compaction; a direct result of rainfall.

Why rock or mulch? It effectively reduces landscape maintenance, controls weeds, maintains soil moisture, and adds beauty to the landscape. Rocks is a popular mulching material. Rock or mulch is aesthetically pleasing, with a clean, uniform appearance, effective in many landscape design scenarios.

Landscape Trees & Shrubs
Trees and shrubs will help increase the curb appeal of your home, provides shade, and offer privacy. Many trees and shrubs in Minneapolis MN or Minnetonka MN area are planted providing beauty or shade, Yet for environmental, social and economical reasons trees and shrubs are best suited.

Two Excellent Reasons for Their Use
The economic benefits of trees can be both direct and indirect. Direct economic benefits are usually associated with energy costs. Air-conditioning expenses are lower in a tree-shaded home. Heating expenses reduced when a home has a windbreak. Trees raise in value from the time they are planted until they mature. Trees and shrubs are a wise investment of funds because landscaped homes are more valuable than non-landscaped homes.
Sod and Turf
Sod or turf is grass and the part of the soil beneath it held together by the roots, or a piece of thin material. There's nothing quite like a beautiful lawn to enhance your outdoor living area. Installing sod allows you to enjoy a lawn of direct beauty without the usual time-consuming hassles of seeding. Your new sod lawn increases your property value drastically. With proper lawn care, it will remain a great asset, providing beauty, a clean playing surface, and improving environment.

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